Green Circle Solutions

Green Circle Solutions is a newly founded company striving to deliver sustainable solutions to events and exhibitions.

With decades of experience in the events and exhibitions sector, we bring a unique blend of experience and dynamism to your business or event. With the team including qualified sustainability professionals, we are going to re-invent how we look at events so that sustainability is built in from the initial concept. Flexible to offer a wide range of services from simple advice and consultancy, to a broad selection of solution provisions, we aim to lock sustainability into each event with a fully circular approach.

Its no longer acceptable to say “we've always done it this way”, and its no longer appropriate to design and build your event, and then see if you can improve your footprint with a few token gesture recycling initiatives. Green Circle Solutions will work with you from the initial concept, to examine every aspect of your business or event, and design in sustainability from the outset. Data and metrics will form the basis of year on year improvement, and empowers us to objectively quantify and calculate the costs versus benefit of everything you do.

There will be a residual CO2 footprint which cannot be avoided, and that will need to be offset. Green Circle Solutions work with a variety of UK based offset providers, so you can choose your preferred and most appropriate offset solution. With trusted local offset partners, you can objectively track and verify your offset.

Services and Solutions Offered
ISO 14001 and 20121 compliance review • Carbon footprint calculations and footprint mitigation strategies, best practice design and fully circular solutions • Net zero targets and pragmatic strategies for commitments • Waste management reviews • Education and training

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