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Our temporary structures are variable in their design and versatile in their uses. Our Losberger structure is as suitable for a bespoke dining event, complete with dancefloor, bar and kitchens, as it is for a product launch, car showroom or a pop-up, on-site training or conference facility.

We recently added a converted shipping container clad in Siberian larch to our stock, makes a stunning contemporary catering pod, ideal for summer outdoor events, festivals and sporting venues. It can be installed complete with ovens and fridges, taking the stress out of sourcing and hiring from different suppliers.

Our in-house design team can provide you with images of a purpose-build space for your event. All units are purpose built and can be modified to suit your specific requirements, clad in the finish of yoru choice and can be delivered furnished and dressed for your event. The addition of washrooms, water tanks and generated power allows for off-grid installation.

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